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About Pepperdine University Libraries


Course Reserves Policy

Materials on Reserve

Materials required for specific courses may be placed on Reserve by professors. These items are located at the Circulation Desks.

Borrowing reserve materials is limited to currently registered Pepperdine students. Only one item may be used at a time. Students wishing to use reserve materials must present a valid Pepperdine ID.

Most reserve items are to be used in the library for two hours at a time. There are some Reserve items that can be checked out for one day or to a maximum of 7 days.

Renewing Reserve Items

A reserve item may be renewed if no other borrower has asked to use the material while you had it charged. You must bring the reserve item to the counter for renewal.

Overdue Fines for Reserve Items

  • $50 for books plus replacement cost for a new copy of the book
  • $65 for DVDs plus replacement cost for a new copy of the DVD

To avoid paying fines please always return a reserve item to the Circulation Desk on or before the exact minute it is due.

If a reserve item is taken out of the library,  the borrower will be billed a one-time, non-refundable fine as noted on the front cover of the reserve items. Billing of the item will be processed through the University's Student Accounts. 

Remember that you are responsible for all materials and any charges incurred by the use of your ID card. Do not give your ID card to others for checking out reserve items or other library materials. If your ID card is lost or stolen, you must notify the library immediately.

Electronic Reserve

Professors may choose to place course material on Electronic Reserve.  This material can be accessed via the internet at any given time during the duration of the course.

Accessing Electronic Reserve

From the library home page, click on the E-Reserves hyperlink.  Using the search menu, find the appropriate course.  There will be a prompt asking for a password which will be provided by the professor.  Once the password is entered, all of the material for that course will be able to be accessed.