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Database Trial: BizMiner Academic Premium

Pepperdine University Libraries is now trialing BizMiner Academic Premium through November 25. BizMiner provides highly granular industry market content at the national, state, county, and metro levels. Small business content is covered, as well; BizMiner includes financial statements for over 5,000 industries, profit and loss statements for 4,000 lines of businesses, and market trends for […]

J.P. Morgan Research database trial

Pepperdine has a trial of the database J.P. Morgan Research from Proquest. The database features thousands of analyst reports covering over 3,000 global companies and all industries. Derived from Morgan Markets – which is J.P. Morgan’s exclusive information for key clients and investors – these reports are made available to academic users for education and […]

PrivCo Now Available

Pepperdine University Libraries now offers access to PrivCo. PrivCo is a database that is focused solely on private company financial data, including M&A activity, investor information, private equity, and venture capital data. PrivCo currently has coverage of over 225,000 private companies, 11,000 investors, and over 80,000 private market M&A deals and funding rounds. Users can […]

Trial of PrivCo Available Through May 22, 2013

Pepperdine Libraries has a full access trial to the PrivCo database through May 22, 2013. PrivCo is a source for business and financial research on non-publicly traded corporations, including family-owned, private equity-owned, venture-backed and international unlisted companies. A few current academic subscribers in California include Stanford, UCLA, Golden Gate University, Westmont College, Chapman University, USC, The Master’s College, […]

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online now available

The Pepperdine University Libraries have purchased the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online. This is a great resource if you are looking for authoritative, in-depth definitions for concepts such as “sovereign debt” or “arbitrage pricing theory.” The entries are detailed and written by  experts in the field of economics. For example, the entry on “principal […]

Locating biotechnology candidates for acquisition

The database Mergent will help you locate a list of biotechnology companies. By ranking the companies by sales, you can locate some of the smaller firms which could be possible acquisitions. Login to the database Mergent Online. Click the link for Primary SIC Type 2836 into the box Click Search Go to the upper right […]

Zara Datamonitor Reports

Search the database Business Source Premier to locate Datamonitor industry reports for Zara: Type zara into the search box at the top and change Select a Field to TX All Text with the pull-down menu Scroll down to Publication Type and select Industry Profile Click Search

Find Zara Global Market Shares

You can locate global market share for the company Zara in the Global Market Information Database: Type Zara into the search box at the top of the screen and click Go Go to the section for Statistics Use the pull-down for Filter by Geography to select World and click Go Click the link for Clothing […]

Finding Wall Street Journal Articles

The database Factiva has the full-text of Wall Street Journal articles from 1979 to the present. If you wish to browse current articles, do the following: When you log into Factiva you are taken to the Newsstand Page that has headlines from newspapers and magazines The Wall Street Journal defaults to the front page headlines […]