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Library Hack – Silencing your computer’s startup sounds

If you’ve ever turned on your laptop in a quiet area of the  Library (unleashing this noise or that noise) and been the recipient of nearby studiers’ ire, Lifehacker has some tips for how to silence your computer’s startup sounds and boot like a ninja.

April Book of the Month in Psychiatry Online

April brings access to a free PDF version of this featured book from the APPI Bookstore: Textbook of Violence Assessment and Management edited by Robert I. Simon, M.D., and Kenneth Tardiff, M.D., M.P.H. Evaluating and treating patients with violent ideations and behaviors can be frustrating, anxiety-provoking, and even dangerous, as errors in judgment can lead […]

Drescher Library special opening time: Sunday, March 27th at 4pm

On Sunday, March 27th, Drescher Library will open at 4 p.m. rather than 12 p.m.  The Library will remain open until 12 a.m.