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Images of the Korean War Exhibit Reception a Success


Heather and Tommie Williams with archivist Katie Richardson and interns Emily Hansen and Sophie Zhu.

On February 21st the Pepperdine University Libraries celebrated the opening of the exhibition Images of the Korean War: One Soldiers Perspective. The exhibition includes photographs that were taken by Hanson Williams Jr., a 1950 graduate of Pepperdine, who received a photography scholarship to attend the university. Six months after his graduation, he was drafted by the United States Army and was stationed in California for one year before being deployed to Korea to serve as a war photographer. In this capacity, he often photographed soldiers in combat, special events, and visiting dignitaries such as generals, politicians, and celebrities. Williams recalled carrying his personal camera with him every day, and even resorted to developing film in rivers and rice paddies when necessary. In addition to his military duties, Williams tried to get a better understanding of the crowds4country and its people. He would spend his spare time riding his bike into remote locations and photograph such things as local villagers and their farms. Williams spent 13 months in Korea traveling to cities such as Seoul, Incheon, and Taegu.

The exhibit serves as Williams’s visual diary showing his journey from basic training at Fort Ord in Monterey, CA to his time served in Korea. Many of the photos taken by Williams during his spare time in remote villages have never been exhibited before. The materials will be on display on the first floor of Payson Library until April 15th. The exhibit is viewable during library open hours. To view the complete inventory of the collection please visit the findingcrowds6 aid.

For questions about the exhibit or the collection please contact Katie Richardson, Archivist for Special Collections and University Archives, at 310-506-4323 or katie.richardson@pepperdine.edu.

Behind the Scenes: the Micky Moore Exhibit is Now Open in Payson Library

Pepperdine University Libraries is pleased to announce a new exhibition highlighting the career of longtime filmmaker and childhood actor Michael D. “Micky” Moore. Moore began his film career as a silent screen child actor. Between 1917 and 1929, he acted in over 40 films and  worked with such silent scMoore on the set of Pollyanna in 1920 reen stars as Mary Pickford, Jack Holt, Gloria Swanson, Lillian Gish, Conrad Nagel and Tom Mix. However, the most influential relationship he developed during this time period was with legendary director Cecil B. DeMille, who became his mentor. Moore acted in four of DeMille’s films, including the epic The King of Kings. DeMille helped Moore transition from childhood actor to a career behind the camera.

From the 1960s on, Moore became well-known as a reliable and confident second unit director with a knack for action sequences. He worked on some of the most famous movies of the twentieth century including: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; Patton; Rooster Cogburn; Paradise, Hawaiian Style; Raiders of the Lost Ark; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; and JPEGIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Moore retired in 2000 after completing his final movie, the Walt Disney picture 102 Dalmatians.

The exhibit features a diverse array of archival materials that document Moore’s career and include photographs, scripts, sketches, storyboards, production materials, and correspondence. The materials will be on display on the first floor of Payson Library from August 11th to December 8th.  For questions about the exhibit please contact Katie Richardson, Archivist for Special Collections and University Archives, at 310-506-4323 or katie.richardson@pepperdine.edu.

T.E. Lawrence Exhibit Opens in Payson Library

This blog post was written by Victoria Collie, Special Collections and University Archives Intern.

An exhibit highlighting the Metcalf Collection of Books on T.E. Lawrence is now open on the main level of Payson Library. Housed in the Special Collections and University Archives, this is the first lawrence bk collectiontime the books have been on display. The book collection and associated Metcalf papers were donated to Pepperdine by Edwards H. Metcalf (1911-2001), a Pepperdine University board member and grandson of millionaire Henry Edwards Huntington. Metcalf was a T.E. Lawrence enthusiast, and helped plan Pepperdine’s T.E. Lawrence Symposium in 1988. The book collection alone contains over 400 books on Lawrence and the Middle East. If you would like to learn more about T.E. Lawrence and the book collection, check out the new InfoGuide! It provides a good starting place for research.

from With Lawrence in Arabia

T.E. Lawrence, 1919

T.E. Lawrence, or “Lawrence of Arabia,” was an extremely intelligent and complex person, who seemed restless until he found his calling in the Middle East fighting alongside the Arab leaders during the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918. He had been familiar with the region before, taking several trips to the area and becoming used to the language and the Arab way of life. His use of guerrilla activities against the Turks during the revolt gained him sudden notoriety. After the war, he ran from his new found fame, using assumed names when enlisting in the Royal Air Force. He died in 1935 at the age of 46. Lawrence wrote a variety of works, including Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which is on display. Also included in the exhibit is his college thesis, Crusader Castles (1936). There are many controversies surrounding Lawrence’s career and life, but he will continue to be the subject of admiration and speculation for years to come.

amman aerodome 1921

Sir Herbert Samuel is pictured in the white hat; Lawrence is pictured to the left of him, and Emir Abdullah is seen on the right. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ppmsca-19413

Pepperdine Honors 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Death with Screening and Exhibit

Herschensohn Exhibit Poster jpgOn Friday, November 22nd, from 2-4:30pm, fifty years to the day following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Pepperdine University Libraries and the School of Public Policy will host a screening of John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums, with director Bruce Herschensohn.

During the entire month of November, a complementary exhibit will be held in Payson Library that explores the making of this film with photographs, correspondence, posters, memorabilia, and other images.

The 90-minute film, produced by the United States Information Agency (USIA) and written and directed by Herschensohn, examined the life, death, and impact of John F. Kennedy shortly after his assassination. It features extensive excerpts from Kennedy’s speeches, including color footage of his swearing in and inaugural address. Gregory Peck served as the narrator of the film, and it was ultimately shown in more than 100 countries and in 30 languages. The USIA produced media about American for foreign audiences. Because audiences were so moved by this film, a special act of Congress in 1965 allowed it to be distributed in the U.S. for viewing by domestic audiences.

The film screening at Pepperdine will be followed by a Q&A with writer and director, Bruce Herschensohn. The event is free and open to the public.

The exhibit, which will be on display in Payson Library throughout the month of November, features materials from the Bruce Herschsensohn Papers about the making of John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums. These materials document the filming of the worldwide reaction to Kennedy’s death, including the funeral proceedings in Washington, D.C., and memorial services around the world; the development of the film script and music; the worldwide release and international acclaim of the film; and the distribution within the U.S. Related materials can be found in the Pepperdine Digital Collections.

The materials in the exhibit are taken from the Bruce Herschensohn Papers, which are held by Pepperdine University’s Special Collections and University Archives, where they are available for research. Digital images from the collection are also available online in the Pepperdine Digital Collections. The collection includes items collected and created by Herschensohn as an independent filmmaker, a Director of Motion Pictures and Television at the United States Information Agency (USIA), a member of staff at the White House for Presidents Nixon and Reagan, and a political commentator for the KABC television and radio stations. Materials include correspondence, photographs, video and audio recordings, manuscripts, musical compositions, drawings, newspaper clippings, and other items related to the development of his films.

Bruce Herschensohn is a political commentator, author and senior fellow at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy in Malibu, California.  He served in the Nixon and Reagan administrations and is the author of nine books, in addition to being a filmmaker and producer.

Please contact Melissa Nykanen at (310) 506-4434 or at melissa.nykanen@pepperdine.edu for questions about the screening or exhibit.

Premiere of the film in Karachi, Pakistan, November 25, 1964.

Premiere of the film in Karachi, Pakistan, November 25, 1964.

A poster from the U.S. distribution of the film.

A poster from the U.S. distribution of the film.

4th and 5th Graders Visit Payson Library

On March 12, 2013, twenty-six 4th and 5th grade students from Open Classroom Leadership Magnet in Thousand Oaks, CA visited Pepperdine University. During their tour of the campus, they stopped by Payson Library to look at the exhibit “Becoming America: An Exhibition of Colonial Documents” on display through the end of March. The students were able to connect what they learned in the classroom with the materials on display.

Katie Richardson, Archivist for Special Collections and University Archives had the following to say about the tour: “It was great to show the students the materials and see a few of them get excited about what was on display. We have a document with King George III’s signature on it. One student came up to me and asked, ‘Is that really his signature?’ At which point I responded yes. Her eyes lit up and she said ‘Cool!’  I’m so happy some of the students were really able to connect with the materials.”

The students also had the opportunity to tour the surfboard room. The room includes 30 historic surfboards on loan from local Malibu resident John Mazza.

“I think the students were really excited about seeing the surfboards. They asked some really great questions. How old are the boards? Why are they so big? How did they get their names? My favorite question was from a student who asked, ‘Are any of the boards based on Harry Potter?’ When I told her the boards were older than Harry Potter she seemed pretty impressed.”

For more information about exhibits or tours of the library please contact Katie Richardson at katie.richardson@pepperdine.edu or Ken LaZebnik at ken.lazebnik@pepperdine.edu.

Payson Library’s Surfboard on Display at Huntingon

The Huntington Library’s current exhibit, “Blue Sky Metropolis: The Aerospace Century in Southern California,” includes a surprising element: a surfboard from Pepperdine’s own surfboard collection! This particular surfboard (pictured at left) represents the intersection between the development of surfboard technology and aircraft engineering in Southern California. The board was designed by Bob Simmons, a California surfer in the 1930s to 1950s who studied at the California Institute of Technology and worked as an engineer at Douglas Aircraft. Simmons experimented with both shape and materials in his surfboard design, based on his knowledge of engineering principles and newly developed aircraft materials. His innovation had significant impact on surfboard production and the surfing world.

Check out this short YouTube video for talk by the exhibit curator, Peter Westwick, which includes a glimpse of Pepperdine’s surfboard in the exhibit and more explanation about the connection between surfing and aerospace. If you haven’t seen the exhibit at the Huntington, there is still time to do so. The exhibit closes on January 9th, 2012. More information about the exhibit can be found on the Huntington Library website.

The Bob Simmons board that is on display at the Huntington is from the John Mazza Collection of Historic Surfboards, a collection that is on long-term loan to Pepperdine University Libraries and can be viewed in Payson Library (pictured at right). If you would like to see the collection, please contact Melissa Nykanen at melissa.nykanen@pepperdine.edu or at (310) 506-4434. The surfboards, including the Simmons board, have also been photographed and described and can be found in the Pepperdine Digital Collections.