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Historic Articles from the University Archives in The Graphic This Week

This week’s Graphic student newspaper features a section of historic articles, images, and comics that were gathered from past issues of the Graphic, which are housed in the University Archives on the second level of Payson Library. The articles, which were selected by Graphic Historian Nathan Stringer, are from various time periods between 1937 (the founding of George Pepperdine College) to 1972 (the year students started classes on the Malibu campus). Topics addressed in the articles range from war-time issues to the first fluorescent lights on Pepperdine’s campus.

The University Archives also include other publications, photographs, and paper records that document Pepperdine’s history. In order to gain access to the materials, please contact Melissa Nykanen at melissa.nykanen@pepperdine.edu, or at 310-506-4434. Find more information about using resources in the University Archives here.