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Celebrate Open Access Week with Pepperdine Digital Commons

Today is the first day of Open Access Week, an annual event promoting open access as a new norm in global scholarship and research (Oct. 21 – Oct. 27). And what is open access? Open access (OA) scholarship is digital, online, free of charge, and free of many copyright and licensing restrictions. It is, simply put, the fuel for a new age of digital, global scholarship. Here at Pepperdine, these efforts are centralized through Pepperdine Digital Commons, our open access repository and home to many of our open access journals, such as Global Tides, Leaven, Pepperdine Policy Review, Pepperdine Law Review, and more. By centralizing and promoting the university’s scholarship on the open web, we harness the advantages of open access, which, for authors, include the more immediate discovery of and access to their work, higher citation counts, and a richer, more immediate contribution to the scholarly value chain in their discipline. Here’s more information about how you might contribute content to Pepperdine Digital Commons.