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Database Trial: Adam Matthew Primary Source Collections

Pepperdine University Libraries is now trialing a number of primary source collections from Adam Matthew Digital. Trial access is available through November 20th to these collections:

African American Communities

This collection presents aspects of the African American community through personal diaries and scrapbooks, pamphlets, newspapers and periodicals, correspondence, official records and in-depth oral histories, revealing the prevalent challenges of racism, discrimination and integration, and a unique African American culture and identity.


American History 1493-1945 (Modules I & II)

This collection of documents brings to life American History from the times of the earliest settlers until the end of World War II. It is divided into two modules.
Module I: Settlement, Commerce, Revolution and Reform: 1493-1859
Module II: Civil War, Reconstruction and the Modern Era: 1860-1945.


Empire Online

This collection has been developed to encourage undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers to explore colonial history, politics, culture and society. Sources include exploration journals, letters, government papers, memoirs, and maps.


Everyday Life and Women in America

The collection offers insights into the conduct of life and domestic management literature from 1800-1920, offering primary source materials on the daily lives of women and men, as well as emphasizing contrasts in regional, urban and rural cultures. Primary sources in this collection include monographs, pamphlets, and periodicals.


Global Commodities

This collection focuses on fifteen commodities and the ways they transformed the world. The commodities covered are: Chocolate, Coffee, Cotton, Fur, Oil, Opium, Porcelain, Silver & Gold, Spices, Sugar, Tea, Timber, Tobacco, Wheat, Wine & Spirits.


Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975

This collection documents popular culture in Britain and America from 1950 to 1975 and covers issues such as the Civil Rights Movement, youth culture, the Space Race, and the Vietnam War.


Popular Medicine in America, 1800-1900

This collection offers visual primary source material, such as advertisements and popular texts, on the topic of medicine in America from 1800-1900. The primary sources in this collection are materials that were designed for the general public, including writings on preventative medicine and medical educational texts.


Database Trials: SAGE Video, EdITLib Digital Library

Pepperdine University Libraries is now trialing SAGE Video through October 15 and EdITLib Digital Library through October 21:

EdITLib Digital Library is a resource for aggregated, peer-reviewed research on the latest developments and applications in Educational Technologies and E-Learning and includes more than 25+ years and 100,000+ documents of published international journal articles, conference papers, e-books, and multimedia content from tens of thousands of leading authors.


SAGE Video hosts streaming video collections (over 1000 videos across 250 hours) in the social sciences. Searchable, downloadable transcripts are available for each video, and users can also create video clips and video playlists for later viewing.

There are three collections within SAGE Video:

Counseling & Psychotherapy – Subjects include counseling setting/client groups, counseling skills, professional issues, research methods for counseling & psychotherapy, and theory & approaches.

Education – Subjects include classroom discipline & organization, educational administration & leadership, classroom discipline & organization, learning theories

Media, Communication & Cultural Studies – Subjects include communication studies, media studies, popular culture & cultural studies, and research methods for media, communication, and cultural studies.

sage video


Database Trial: Latin American Newspapers

Pepperdine University Libraries is now trialing Latin American Newspapers: Series I & Series II, modules of the World Newspaper Archive (launched by CRL). Trial access is available until May 8.

These resources provide online access to more than 50 newspapers published in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela between 1805 and 1922.

Through eyewitness reporting, editorials, legislative information, letters, poetry, advertisements, matrimony notices, and obituaries, these newspapers chronicle the evolution of Latin American culture and daily life over two centuries and provide wide perspectives from diverse Latin American cultures.

Series I contains more than 1.2 million pages of content, including:

  • El Mercurio (1914–22) – An important Spanish-language paper published in Santiago, often considered Chile’s newspaper of record.
  • O Estado de São Paulo (1876–1922) – This title (published as A Provincia de São Paulo until 1889) traces Brazil’s history from an empire to a republic, and stands as one of Brazil’s premiere newspapers.
  • La Prensa (Buenos Aires, Argentina) (1869–1922) – This title, founded in 1869 by Dr. Jose Clemente Paz, was considered among the most significant newspapers in the world by the turn of the century.
  • Mexican Herald (1895–1915) – An English-language title bringing international and local news to the American expatriate community in Mexico.

Series II deepens coverage of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, and Mexico, and includes papers from areas not covered in Series I such as Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize.

Access Latin American Newspapers: Series I here and Latin American Newspapers: Series II here.


PsycBOOKS Trial

PsycBOOKS_Masthead_WebPepperdine University Libraries have started a trial to PsycBOOKS that lasts until June 30, 2014.

This database contains thousands of book chapters in PDF — along with centuries of classic and historical works — published by APA and other distinguished publishers.

Content includes:
– Approximately 55,000 chapters in PDF from over 3,500 books
– Nearly 2,600 classic books of landmark historical impact in psychology dating from the 1600s
– More than 1,500 authored entries from the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology

For questions or comments about the trial to PsycBOOKS, please contact Claire Moler.