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Special Collections and University Archives

Malibu Historical Collection

The Pepperdine University Libraries have established the Malibu Historical Collection as a repository for documents related to the history of the City of Malibu and its residents. The goals of this collection are to collect, preserve, catalog, and exhibit materials related to the history of this region, thus making them accessible to a global audience.

As a part of Pepperdine University's Special Collections and University Archives, the Malibu Historical Collection benefits from the department's commitment to the care and accessibility of materials through programs and events, many of which have been specifically related to Malibu. The Malibu Historical Collection is a growing collection of historical materials, and we welcome donations that fit our collection scope.

The goals of the collection are:

  • To tell the story of Malibu – its history, heritage, and people.
  • To create a repository for papers, videos, oral histories, photos, books, and artifacts.
  • To preserve the legacy and history of Malibu through the care of trained professionals.

Current collection highlights include: