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Loaner Laptops

Payson Library has a number of Macintosh and PC laptops that can be loaned for use inside the Library. Laptops are available at the Circulation Desk. Students will be required to present their University ID card upon checkout.

Who can borrow a laptop?

All Pepperdine students who are library users in good standing (no outstanding fines over $100) may borrow a laptop. Borrowing a laptop is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

When, where, and how long can I borrow a laptop?

Laptops must remain within the Library and are loaned out for up to a day. Renewals and reservations are not permitted. At the end of your loan period you must bring the laptop back to the Circulation Desk in person. Upon returning the laptop, please allow 5 to 10 minutes while Circulation staff check-in the equipment.

Laptop Security Locks

To discourage theft of laptops in the Library, all students, faculty and staff are able to checkout laptop security locks from the Circulation Desk. Situated underneath each of the group study tables, as well as underneath each of the individual study carrels, are steel loops through which the laptop security cables can be secured. Though the laptop security locks discourage theft, never leave your laptop unattended.

Laptops are available for checkout during the following hours:

Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 3 a.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday 12 noon to 3 a.m.

What happens when I borrow a laptop?
  1. Laptops are signed out at the Circulation Desk.
  2. Once you present your valid University ID, the laptop will be checked out to you on the WMS system.
  3. You will receive a laptop computer, including a power cord.
  4. If the machine or its peripherals are damaged, or if parts are missing, your library borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will be charged for the repair or replacement of the laptop.
  5. If the laptop is not returned, sanctions will be applied in accordance with the Library's Policy on Overdue or Lost Material. Your Library borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will be charged for the full replacement cost of the laptop ($1,700).

Who is responsible for theft or damage?

You are. For your own security, please do not under any circumstances leave a laptop unattended. You are responsible for the full replacement cost of $1,700 for the laptop checked out to you. To help discourage theft of a laptop, please be sure to also checkout a laptop security lock from the Circulation Desk.