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About Pepperdine University Libraries


Borrowing Privileges and Responsibilities

The purpose of the policy and regulations outlined here is to provide optimum use of the Pepperdine Library collections for students, faculty, and staff. Borrowing policies are determined according to patron type, the format of the material, the location of the material, and whether it has been recalled.

All Pepperdine patrons must present a valid Pepperdine ID to check out materials. Other borrowers* must present a valid ID and library card to check out materials.

Loan Policies for Library Materials

MaterialsUndergraduate studentsGraduate studentsFaculty and staffOther borrowers*
Books 3 weeks, may be renewed twice if no holds or recalls are placed. 2 months, may be renewed twice if no holds or recalls are placed. 4 months for faculty, 3 months for staff, may be renewed twice if no holds or recalls are placed. Up to 5 books at any one time for a 3-week period, may be renewed twice if no holds or recalls are placed.
Laptops (Payson) 1 day (on premises) N/A N/A N/A
iPads 1 week, no renewals 1 week, no renewals N/A N/A
Leisure Reading 3 weeks, 1 renewal
DVDs 1 week, 1 renewal
CDs 3 weeks, 1 renewal
Reserve Materials Instructor-assigned reserve materials are available with a restricted loan periods and are to be used in the library only.
Non-circulating Material Reference collection, Special/Rare Collection, Microform materials, and Periodicals are non-circulating.
* Members of the Pepperdine Alumni Association, currently registered Crest Associates, Friends of the University Library, and dependents of faculty and staff.

Please note that staff members who are enrolled at Pepperdine University's graduate or undergraduate programs shall observe the loan policies that are set for students.

Returning & Renewing Materials

Library materials must be returned or renewed on or before the due date. As a courtesy, an overdue notice is sent to the borrower's e-mail account after the due date. All borrowers in whose name library materials are charged are responsible for these materials until they are returned.

Telephone renewals are allowed when staffing levels permit. To renew books, please call your branch library and speak with a Circulation staff member.

Renewal will not be accepted under the following circumstances:

  • The item is overdue.
  • The item has a hold or a recall.
  • The item has been renewed too many times and has exceeded the limit.
  • The item has been placed on reserve.
  • The borrower has been billed for replacement of a long-overdue item.


Materials needed by the library or requested by another patron may be recalled at any time. The due date for the recalled item will be reset to a shorter loan period. The current borrower is assured of having the book for 14 days from checkout, unless the book is needed for Reserve, in which case the item must be returned immediately. The borrower will be informed of the new due date by phone call or e-mail. The borrower should respond immediately to recall notices.

Heavy fines will be levied on students, and staff/faculty privileges will be suspended if recalled materials are not returned on time. It is therefore very important that the library have your correct address and e-mail, so that you will receive any recall notices.


You may place a hold on any item that is checked out. When the item is available, it will be placed on the hold shelf, and you will be notified by e-mail to pick up the material within 2 weeks. If there are multiple requests for a single item, they will be honored in the order received.

Lost & Damaged Items

Lost or damaged items must be reported promptly. The borrower is responsible for replacing or paying for materials lost or damaged while out on loan and no longer usable. The minimum replacement bill for each lost or damaged item is $50.00 for books or $65.00 for DVDs. The library will adjust the replacement fee upward if this fee does not cover the cost of replacement.

Damaged equipment--such as an iPad with a cracked screen or a charging cord with frayed housing--will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

A borrower may replace a lost or damaged item with a duplicate copy acceptable to the library from which it was borrowed. The borrower is responsible for a $10.00 processing fee plus the cost of binding (if required).

Late Returns, Fines & Fees

Material TypeReplacement cost (minimum)
Books and other Materials $50.00
DVDs $65.00
Reserve Materials  
Recall Items  
Laptops $1,700.00
iPads $1,000.00
iPad Shells $100.00
iPad Cords/Adapters $30.00
Flip Cameras $100.00


Long-overdue items: If materials are not returned 30 days from the due date, the borrower is notified with an e-mail or phone call. Failure to return materials within 30 days after the due date will result in the Borrower being billed for replacement cost and borrowing privileges being suspended. Return of the material will cancel the replacement bill and borrowing privileges will be reinstated. Fines for students will be processed through the University's Student Accounts at the end of each semester.

Replacement costs include the following charges in addition to the estimated cost of the item itself:

$ 5.00 - billing processing fee
$ 10.00 - cataloging fee

The replacement charge may be canceled if an item is returned before a replacement has been ordered, but the billing and cataloging fee and any fines remain due. If such return occurs 3 months or more after the date of billing, the entire fee may be assessed.

Paying Bills

When a bill has been forwarded to Student Accounts, the student must present a receipt from Student Accounts in order to reinstate library privileges.

Suspension of Services

Failure to return recall items, or outstanding debts from any library will result in the temporary revocation of all library privileges until the items are returned or the debt is resolved.


The library will not release personal borrowing information to any other individual or organization unless required to do so by law or by University policy.

Borrower's Responsibilities

  • Do not give your library card to others for checking out library materials.
  • You are responsible for any materials checked out in your name until they are returned to the library from which they were borrowed.
  • Know when materials are due to be returned, and return or renew materials on or before the due date.
  • Notify the library of any address or e-mail change to insure proper delivery of notices.
  • Respond to recall letters and e-mails and return recalled materials promptly.
  • Report lost items promptly and accept the burden for the replacement charge.
  • Notify the library immediately if your library card is lost or stolen. You will be held responsible for any materials checked out with that card before its loss is reported.

Library Card

Pepperdine Students, Staff, and Faculty

Your Pepperdine ID Card is your library card. To check out materials from the Pepperdine libraries, you must present your valid Pepperdine ID card at the Circulation Counter.

University Alumni

  • Please apply for your Pepperdine Alumni Card from the Office of Alumni Affairs in the Huntsinger Academic Center (HAC) or go to the alumni website and apply for a card.
  • Please make sure to contact the Alumni office before your first visit to the library if you do not have an Alumni ID card. No separate library card is issued.
  • Alumni members must agree to comply with all library regulations.

Crest Associates

  • Crest associates may register for borrowing privileges at Payson Library Circulation Desk by presenting a valid Crest Associates' card and a picture ID (e.g., driver's license).
  • Associates must register in person and agree to comply with all library regulations.
  • The registration procedures must be repeated annually to renew library privileges.

Friends of the Library

  • California residents who are interested in borrowing books from the Pepperdine University Library are welcome to join the Friends of the Library.
  • Please present the "Friends of Library" card and a picture ID (e.g., driver's license) to the Circulation Desks at the University libraries to register for borrowing privileges.
  • The application procedure must be repeated annually to renew library privileges.

Dependents of Faculty and Staff

  • Dependents of Pepperdine employees may apply for a Dependent ID Card at the University's Personnel Office.
  • The dependents are welcome to present the Dependent ID Card and a picture ID (e.g., driver's license) to the Circulation Desks at the University libraries to register for borrowing privileges.
  • Dependents must register in person and agree to comply with all library regulations.

Faculty Proxy Privileges

When an assistant is doing research and accessing library materials in lieu of a faculty member, the faculty member needs to provide a letter for that person identifying the authorized faculty privileges. The letter must clearly authorize the research assistant to check out library materials for the faculty member under his or her library account. The letter must also specify the duration of authorization that is assigned to this assistant.

Faculty members must also complete the Research Assistant Authorization Form - Payson Library or the Research Assistant Authorization Form - Graduate Campus Libraries.

Faculty members who provide this authorization are solely responsible for the materials that are charged to their account.