Donating Materials to the Libraries

  1. To make a donation, please contact the AUL for Collections & Technical Services (x7681). In her/his absence, please contact the Scholarly Resources Librarian (x4256). If both are unavailable or you are at a Center Library, proceed to step 2.
  2. The donor is requested to fill out the Donated Materials Form. The donor should provide name, address, phone number, along with the number of items and any additional descriptive information, such as "30 books on art history."
  3. Attach a list of the individual titles, if available.
  4. The Librarian who receives the form gives the completed Donated Materials Form to the executive assistant. She/he follows up with an acknowledgment letter and a copy of the form to the donor. She/he also completes a gift summary form for Advancement Gifts and Records and for the Library's Director of Advancement and Public Affairs.
  5. The materials should be delivered to the Scholarly Resources Librarian if possible. It's helpful to email her/him stating the extent of the materials, such as four boxes of books. You can also arrange for the materials to be picked up.
  6. If the donor does not agree with the signed statement at the bottom of the donation form, please refer her/him to the AUL for Collections & Technical Services (x7681) and do not accept the donation.