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Usage Guidelines


  • All readers must fill out a registration form annually in order to view materials from the Special Collections and University Archives.
  • Readers must present a valid form of photo identification.
  • Readers must sign the registration form to indicate their agreement with these rules.

General Reading Room Rules

  • Materials must be viewed in the reading room under staff supervision, and no material may be removed from the room.
  • Food, drink, and gum are not allowed in the reading room.
  • Only pencils and laptop computers may be used for taking notes in the reading room. Ink of any kind is prohibited.
  • Special collections staff reserves the right to inspect library materials and personal items prior to entry and upon departure from the reading room.
  • If approved by a librarian, users may take non-flash photos of collection materials with their personal cameras for research use. Please see the reproduction policy [link] for more information.

Handling of Materials

  • Materials must be handled with care to ensure their safety and preservation. Please follow any special instructions given by special collections staff.
  • No marks may be added or erased on any materials.
  • Books, papers, and other objects should not be set on the materials. Special weights will be provided to hold books open.
  • Please do not use post-it notes, paper clips, pencils, or other objects to mark a place in a book or folder. Special acid-free paper strips will be provided.
  • Readers are allowed one archival box or folder OR up to three books at their table at any time.
  • Folders should be removed from the box one at a time, and the exact order of materials within folders and boxes must be maintained. When removing folders from boxes please use an “out” card to make sure the folders stay in order. Please report any disarrangement to special collections staff.
  • Foam book rests will be provided for particularly fragile materials.

Registration Form

[link to document]