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Westlake Village Library

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2829 Townsgate Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361

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Westlake Village Directory

Cory Aitchison Linked Data Librarian, 
Liaison - Government Documents
Cory.Aitchison@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4287 Payson
Josias Bartram Librarian for Digital Publishing, Curation, and Conversion josias.bartram@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4711 Payson
Toby Berger Information Services Librarian, 
Liaison - Business, Marketing, Education, Psychology
toby.berger@pepperdine.edu 949.223.2543 Irvine
Maria Brahme Head Librarian of the West Los Angeles Campus Library (GSEP Liaison), 
Liaison - Education, Psychology
maria.brahme@pepperdine.edu 310.568.5686 West LA, Encino
Sally Bryant Head of Access Services, 
Liaison - Humanities, Screenwriting, Film Studies, International Studies, Languages
sally.bryant@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4262 Payson
Don Buffaloe Senior Research & Student Services Librarian donald.buffaloe@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4823 Law
Jaimie Beth Colvin Research and Reference Librarian, 
Liaison - Fine Arts, Theatre, Humanities, Women's Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology
jaimiebeth.colvin@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7432 Payson
Dillon Condon Public Services Assistant dcondon@pepperdine.edu 949.223.2520 Irvine
Kendal Copeland Public Services Assistant kendal.copeland@pepperdine.edu 310.506.8520 (voicemail only) Drescher
Katie Kerr Dodds Assistant Dean, Law Library katie.dodds@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4641 Law
Jeanne Fell Lead Coordinator jeanne.fell@pepperdine.edu 805.449.1181 Westlake Village
Lindsey Gant Technical Services Assistant lindsey.gant@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4895 Payson
Joy Humphrey Associate Director joy.humphrey@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4663 Law
Lynne Jacobsen Associate University Librarian for Information Resources, Collections and Scholarly Communication lynne.jacobsen@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7681 Payson
Alyssa Thurston Liaison - Law alyssa.thurston@pepperdine.edu 310-506-7410 Law
Kelsey Knox Archivist for Special Collections and University Archives kelsey.knox@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4323 Payson
Gail Lukavic Operations Manager gail.lukavic@pepperdine.edu 310.506.6065 Payson
Andrew Main Evening/Weekend Circulation Supervisor andrew.main@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7374 Payson
Katharine McDowell Public Services Supervisor katharine.bright@pepperdine.edu 310.506.8566 Drescher
Colleen Mullally Head of the Drescher Campus Library, 
Liaison - Business, GSBM, Public Policy
colleen.mullally@pepperdine.edu 310.506.8564 Drescher
Mary Ann Naumann Research & Reference Librarian, 
Liaison - Natural Science
maryann.naumann@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7413 Payson
Clarissa Ng Executive Assistant to the Dean of Libraries Clarissa.Ng@pepperdine.edu 310.506.6145 Payson
Melissa Nykanen Associate University Librarian for Special Collections and University Archives melissa.nykanen@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4434 Payson
Elizabeth Parang Research and Instruction Librarian, 
Liaison - Fine Arts, Art, Music, Education, Humanities, Literature, American Studies, African-American Studies, Social Sciences, Psychology
elizabeth.parang@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4046 Payson
Melissa Pichette Interlibrary Loan Specialist melissa.pichette@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7728 Payson
Melinda Raine Associate University Librarian for Client Services and Public Programming, 
Liaison - Communication, Social Sciences, Political Science
melinda.raine@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4279 Payson
David Randall Technical Services Technician david.randall@pepperdine.edu 310.506.6068 Payson
Dana Robinson Library Assistant dana.robinson@pepperdine.edu 818.501.1615 Encino
Mark Roosa Dean of Libraries Mark.Roosa@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4252 Payson
Jerry Rushford Director of the Churches of Christ Heritage Center jerry.rushford@pepperdine.edu 310.383.0620 Payson
Butch San Jose Library Assistant Hermito.SanJose@pepperdine.edu 310.568.5685 West LA
Catherine Schuman Daytime Circulation Supervisor Catherine.Schuman@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4395 Payson
Faraz Shahlaei Public Services Supervisor faraz.shahlaei@pepperdine.edu 310.506.6781 Law
Denise Sims Public Services Manager denise.sims@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7448 Law
Anna Speth Librarian for Emerging Technology and Digital Projects anna.speth@pepperdine.edu 310.506.6232 Payson
Kathryn Stewart Library Assistant kstewart@pepperdine.edu 818.501.1615 Encino
Alyssa Thurston Head of Reference Services alyssa.thurston@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7410 Law
Marc Vinyard Research & Instruction Librarian, 
Liaison - Business, Marketing, Humanities, History, Social Sciences, Economics
mvinyard@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7436 Payson, Encino
Allen Wessels Technical Infrastructure Analyst allen.wessels@pepperdine.edu 310.506.6614 Payson
Jeremy Whitt Scholarly Resources Librarian, 
Liaison - Religion, Philosophy
jeremy.whitt@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4256 Payson
Grace (Gan) Ye Digital Systems Librarian,
Liaison - Computer Science
gan.ye@pepperdine.edu 310.506.7655 Payson
Alexander Yu Acquisitions Supervisor alexander.yu@pepperdine.edu 310.506.4529 Payson