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Photographs of veteran Hollywood stuntman Chuck Waters now online

Swashbuckler (1976)

Swashbuckler (1976)

Pepperdine University Libraries is thrilled to announce the Chuck Waters Collection, a new addition to Pepperdine Digital Collections. Chuck Waters, veteran stuntman of film and television, shares his personal photographs, correspondence, and stories chronicling more than forty years in the film industry. Waters (b. 1934) has served as stunt performer or stunt coordinator on over 130 films, including The Deer Hunter, The Exorcist, the Indiana Jones trilogy, numerous films by Clint Eastwood, and many more.

The photographs in this digital collection capture the stunt industry at its height, decades before green screens, wires, and computer-generated imagery (CGI). Working for some of the biggest names in Hollywood—George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, William Friedkin, Francis Ford Coppola, and others—Waters has been set on fire, rolled in crashing cars, clotheslined off motorcycles, driven off cliffs, dropped from helicopters, thrown off horses, and hurled down stairs (yes those stairs in The Exorcist).

Chuck Waters (left) doubling Martin Sheen

Chuck Waters (left) doubling Martin Sheen

As Waters tells us, “We, my fellow stuntmen and stuntwomen, had to figure out how to do our stunts as safe as possible so that we could live to see another day of stunts—as dangerous as they were. And sometimes they did not get to see the next day!”

Come see how they did it. The photographs in the collection cover the range of Waters’ career, from Adam West’s Batman television series to The Mask of Zorro. Enjoy.



Materials derive from the Chuck Waters Papers, a part of the Film and Television Collection of Pepperdine University Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives.

Pepperdine Digital Commons reaches the half-million downloads milestone

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Pepperdine University Libraries is pleased to announce that Pepperdine Digital Commons has passed 500,000 total downloads! New Year’s resolution: 1 million downloads by 2015. Pepperdine Digital Commons is the university’s centralized platform for Pepperdine journals, faculty websites, conference proceedings, exemplary student research, and other e-scholarship. It is our mission to make Pepperdine’s scholarly output accessible, secure, and search engine optimized for online discovery.

The most popular paper of 2013 was What Happens to Our Facebook Accounts When We Die?: Probate Versus Policy and the Fate of Social-Media Assets Postmortem by Kristina Sherry published in the Pepperdine Law Review (5,818 downloads). While the law journal material did very well, many other heavy hitters came from the School of Public Policy and Seaver College, such as Jesus and the Syrophoenician Woman: A Case Study in Inclusiveness by Holly J. Carey published in Leaven (1,234 downloads).

Check out Pepperdine Digital Commons for yourself or find out how the service can work for you.

Happy New Year from Pepperdine University Libraries!

Celebrate Open Access Week with Pepperdine Digital Commons

Today is the first day of Open Access Week, an annual event promoting open access as a new norm in global scholarship and research (Oct. 21 – Oct. 27). And what is open access? Open access (OA) scholarship is digital, online, free of charge, and free of many copyright and licensing restrictions. It is, simply put, the fuel for a new age of digital, global scholarship. Here at Pepperdine, these efforts are centralized through Pepperdine Digital Commons, our open access repository and home to many of our open access journals, such as Global Tides, Leaven, Pepperdine Policy Review, Pepperdine Law Review, and more. By centralizing and promoting the university’s scholarship on the open web, we harness the advantages of open access, which, for authors, include the more immediate discovery of and access to their work, higher citation counts, and a richer, more immediate contribution to the scholarly value chain in their discipline. Here’s more information about how you might contribute content to Pepperdine Digital Commons.

Pepperdine Digital Commons reaches 100,000th download milestone!

Pepperdine Digital Commons, the University’s centralized e-publishing platform and repository, celebrated its 100,000th article download this week. Launched only last February, Pepperdine Digital Commons offers full-text downloads of faculty and student scholarship, including articles in Pepperdine produced journals, such as Global Tides, Pepperdine Policy Review, and Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal. Lucky download number 100,000 was “The World of the Eighth-Century Prophets,” authored by our own Rick Marrs, Dean of Seaver College. The article appears in a 2003 issue of Leaven, a journal produced by the Religion Division of Seaver College. Prior to joining Pepperdine Digital Commons, Leaven was strictly a print-only journal. Through a partnership between the Religion Division and Pepperdine University Libraries, all 76 back issues of Leaven–going back to 1990–are now available online, opening up an important corpus of Christian Scholarship to a new, global audience.

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Pepperdine Digital Commons surpasses 10,000 downloads

Less than two months after its official launch, Pepperdine Digital Commons has passed the 10,000th download mark. As the library’s new centralized platform for Pepperdine University journals, scholarship, and faculty pages, Pepperdine Digital Commons is attracting a lot of internet traffic despite its still modest holdings. So far, the most popular journal is Leaven, from the Religion Division, followed by the Pepperdine Law Review, and the Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law.

So keep an eye on Pepperdine Digital Commons–it’s growing fast! Click here for more information.