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special collection

Special Collections and University Archives

Programs & Events

Special Collections and University Archives hosts various events and programs in order to enable use and enjoyment of the historic materials.

Class Sessions and Group Tours

Class sessions and group tours can involve a general introduction to the department, with examples of books and materials from the 15th to the 21st centuries. Specialized sessions can focus on book history, primary source research, or a particular era or topic that is represented in the collection. Visits can also be related to preservation and use of rare and unique historic materials.

Please contact Melissa Nykanen at (310) 506-4434 at to discuss a specialized class session or group tour.

Events and Exhibits

Please see the Pepperdine University Libraries home page for information about upcoming events in Special Collections and University Archives.

Past events have included:

Other Programs and Initiatives

The department’s commitment to the care and accessibility of materials is demonstrated through additional programs and initiatives including:

  • Digitization of materials for the online repository, Pepperdine Digital Collections.
  • Preservation through use of acid-free enclosures and other archival products.