Collection Development

The primary goal of collection development for the Pepperdine Libraries is to acquire and make available those information resources and tools which are needed to support the instructional programs of the University. Towards this goal, Pepperdine librarians work in partnership with the faculty to address the instructional and research needs of Pepperdine students, faculty, and the academic community. The Pepperdine Libraries Collection Development Policy establishes both priorities for selection and criteria for withdrawal of resources in the Libraries' collection.

Secondary goals of the collection development program are to acquire and make available those materials which are:

  1. needed for research by faculty and/or administrators or are of long-term value to the University.
  2. in general subject areas not included in the curriculum of the University.

Faculty Acquisition Requests

Book and journal requests should be sent to the subject liaison librarian.

If the subject liaison librarian is unavailable, please send requests as follows:

Book Requests

Cory Aitchison

Linked Data Librarian

(310) 506-4287

Journal Requests

Jeremy Whitt

Scholarly Resources Librarian

(310) 506-4256