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    • Pepperdine University Libraries Joins RAPID Article Delivery

      Pepperdine University Libraries now participates in the journal article delivery service RapidILL for the borrowing and lending of journal articles.  RapidILL considerably reduces the time it takes to obtain journal articles through interlibrary loan. Pepperdine participates in RapidILL as a member of SCELC (Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium), as well as a member of two additional […]

    • Pepperdine during World War II: Remembering “On the Beam”

      In September of 1944, as Allied efforts in World War II neared crescendo, George Pepperdine College (GPC) reported 350 students in service to the nation. Total enrollment at the time was only 418. Many students, such as basketball star June Tuggle, put their education on hold to serve in the armed forces. As a labor […]

    • Rare, Intimate Korean War Photos Published Online for the First Time

      On Sunday, June 4th, 1950, Hanson A. Williams, school photographer and editor of the yearbook, graduated from George Pepperdine College in Los Angeles, California. Three weeks later, in the early hours of June 25th half a world away, North Korean soldiers with Russian tanks crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea, launching what would become […]

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    • New Database: EdITLib Digital Library

      Pepperdine University Libraries now subscribes to EdITLib Digital Library. EdITLib is a database featuring the latest peer-reviewed research and multimedia presentations in Educational Technologies and E-Learning. EdITLib includes all journals and conference proceedings from the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), and a significant portion of the content includes video, slides, or […]

    • Database Trial:

      Pepperdine University Libraries is now trialing’s Exclusive Collection of Psychotherapy & Counseling Videos. Trial access is available through December 2, 2015. offers inspiring and informative counseling and therapy videos.  The Exclusive Collection includes 138 titles with a total run time exceeding 224 hours. There are several series in this collection, including “ACT […]

    • Database Trial: BizMiner Academic Premium

      Pepperdine University Libraries is now trialing BizMiner Academic Premium through November 25. BizMiner provides highly granular industry market content at the national, state, county, and metro levels. Small business content is covered, as well; BizMiner includes financial statements for over 5,000 industries, profit and loss statements for 4,000 lines of businesses, and market trends for […]