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Digital Collections

Pepperdine Digital Collections facilitates the discovery of and access to a wide variety of digital materials related to Pepperdine University's history and unique archival holdings.

Items in the digital collections derive from two main sources:

  • Special collections and archival material: rare books, photographs, films, yearbooks, newspapers, and thematic and biographical collections of all types
  • Malibu historical materials: newspapers, books, objects, ephemera, and more from Pepperdine Libraries' Malibu Historical Collection

Pepperdine Digital Collections is open to the public to encourage discovery and scholarship at the widest possible breadth. The materials that compose our digital collections are optimized for online information seeking and archived for long-term digital preservation. You can review individual collections below, or visit our landing page on ContentDM to view all collections.


Alan Reed Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

Alan Reed was an American film, stage, and voice actor, best known as the original voice of Fred Flintstone on the show The Flintstones. The collection includes photographs of Reed assembled for his portfolio, correspondence from Fred Allen, newspaper clippings, short essays that Reed wrote, and business matters with the Screen Actors Guild.

Anti-Communism Films of the Early 1960s - Pepperdine University Libraries

In the early 1960s at the height of the Cold War, Pepperdine College sponsored a four-part, Hollywood-produced film series titled Crisis for Americans. Utilizing newsreel footage and scripted narration, each film sought to expose the threat of Soviet-based communism to capitalism and free societies around the globe.

Associated Women for Pepperdine Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

This collection of photographs documents the history of the Associated Women for Pepperdine (AWP). AWP was started in 1958 by Helen Young and a group of women united in their belief of the importance of Christian education. AWP members conduct fundraising events such as dinners, auctions, and bake sales each year in order to provide students with scholarships to attend Pepperdine University.

Bruce Herschensohn Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Bruce Herschensohn Collection features the personal papers of this important politician, scholar, and filmmaker, including his notes, correspondence, media clippings, and other ephemera.

Chuck Waters Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

Chuck Waters, veteran Hollywood stuntman, shares his photographs, correspondence, and stories chronicling more than forty years in the film industry. Waters (b. 1934) has served as stunt performer or stunt coordinator on over 130 films, including The Deer Hunter, The Exorcist, the Indiana Jones trilogy, and several films by Clint Eastwood.

Colonial Documents Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

These Colonial-era documents, from the collection of Pepperdine alumnus and attorney Michael J. Marlatt, span from 1715–1781 and represent the cultural, philosophical, and political atmosphere leading up to and during the Revolutionary War.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) collection includes recent graduate level theses and dissertations from a variety of schools and programs within Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. Theses and dissertations may be viewed and downloaded as PDFs.

Eric Wienberg Collection of Malibu Matchbooks, Postcards, and Collectables - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Eric Wienberg Collection of Malibu Matchbooks, Postcards, and Collectables chronicles the history of business establishments and sites in Malibu and the surrounding area.

George Pepperdine Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The George Pepperdine Collection features rare and unique materials—including photographs, writings, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, collectables, and home movies—from the personal and professional life of this notable Los Angeles philanthropist and founder of Pepperdine University.

George Pepperdine College Photography of Hanson A. Williams, Jr. - Pepperdine University Libraries

Hanson A. Williams, Jr. was already an accomplished photographer when he attended George Pepperdine College from 1946–1950 on a photography scholarship. Williams worked as a student photographer throughout his time at Pepperdine, taking many of the photographs for the Pepperdine Yearbook, and serving as its editor-in-chief during his senior year.

George Pepperdine College World War II Newsletters - Pepperdine University Libraries

On the Beam was a monthly newsletter designed to maintain communications with George Pepperdine College students and alumni serving in the US Armed Forces during World War II.

Historic Pepperdine Films - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Historic Pepperdine Films collection features moving image materials produced by and about Pepperdine University throughout the history of the institution.

Historic Sound Recordings - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Historic Sound Recordings collection features streamable recordings of memorable speeches and significant events that chart the history of Pepperdine University and, more broadly, Southern California. Dating back nearly half a century, these archival recordings range from political speeches and debates on morality, to musical performances and lectures on history. Prominent speakers include past Pepperdine presidents, including M. Norvel Young, William S. Banowsky, and Howard White, as well as national figures, such as Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, and singer Pat Boone.

Inner View - Pepperdine University Libraries

Inner View was a student newspaper based at Pepperdine University's Los Angeles campus from 1972–1976. It provided award-winning coverage of this transitional period in Pepperdine's history, local news, and national politics.

Jerry Rushford Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

This collection consists of historical photographs and documents collected by Dr. Jerry Rushford on the topic of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, the Churches of Christ, and Pepperdine University.

John Mazza Historic Surfboard Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Historic Surfboard Collection includes over thirty surfboards from the personal collection of John Mazza, surfing aficionado and local Malibu resident. The boards, on permanent loan to Pepperdine University, represent the evolution of surfing and surfboard technology in the twentieth century with examples ranging from the 1910s to the 1980s.

John Wilson Coin Collection: Ancient Coins of the Holy Land - Pepperdine University Libraries

The coins in this digital exhibit come from the private collection of John Wilson, professor emeritus of religion and dean emeritus at Pepperdine University's Seaver College. Wilson has amassed over 1200 coins from the Holy Land, coins that date from the Persian period to the time of the Crusaders.

Johnny Cash in Black and White as Photographed by Leigh Wiener - Pepperdine University Libraries

Johnny Cash (1932–2003) is an icon of American music. Taken in four sessions from 1960–1963 by award-winning photographer Leigh Weiner, these images capture a pivotal moment in Cash's life.

Korean War Photography of Hanson A. Williams, Jr. - Pepperdine University Libraries

Photographer Hanson A. Williams, Jr. was drafted into service for the Korean War in 1950, shortly after graduating from Pepperdine. This collection provides an intimate, rarely seen, and visually stunning vision of the Korean War.

M. Norvel and Helen Young Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of M. Norvel and Helen Young, both critical figures in the history of Pepperdine University. The bulk of the materials document the Youngs' involvement with Pepperdine University, their families' lives, and their activities while based in Tennessee, Texas, and California.

Malibou Lake Mountain Club Bulletin - Pepperdine University Libraries

Malibou Lake and Mountain Club is a private lake and residential community located between the Conejo Valley and Malibu. These bulletins chronicle major events at Malibou Lake and the lives of its members.

Malibu Association of Realtors, Inc. Records - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Malibu Association of Realtors, Inc. Records collection includes business documents, correspondence, publications, property listings, publicity materials, and collected ephemera, dating between 1928 and 1985.

Malibu Historical Photograph Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Malibu Historical Photograph Collection includes a selection of images from Malibu's fascinating history, drawn from various collections in the Special Collections and University Archives.

Malibu Tiles - Pepperdine University Libraries

This collection features a selection of ceramic tiles manufactured by Malibu Potteries from 1926–1932. In addition to their striking beauty, these tiles are notable for their architectural and historical significance and for the connections between Malibu Potteries, the founding of Malibu, and the construction of Pepperdine University's Malibu Campus.

The Malibu Times - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Malibu Times is the longest running newspaper in Malibu, California. The newspaper covers the region of Malibu, and includes sections on the community, Malibu life, news, sports, opinion, obituaries, and entertainment.

Micky Moore Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Micky Moore Collection features the photographs, correspondence, and production materials of Michael D. "Micky" Moore, a child actor turned film director whose career spanned the evolution of filmmaking from the silent era to the millennium.

Pepperdine College Freedom Forum Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Pepperdine College Freedom Forum was an annual, three-day seminar designed to promote American values as a defense against communism, held in Los Angeles between 1959 and 1971.

Pepperdine Archives Photograph Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The University Archives Photograph Collection presents high-resolution digital renditions of the thousands of photographic prints, slides, and negatives that compose the Pepperdine University archival image collection. These images capture the history of Pepperdine University from its founding in 1937 as George Pepperdine College to the present.

Pepperdine Commencement Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The collection consists of more than 200 commencement programs and nearly 6,000 photographs taken at commencement ceremonies held at Pepperdine University. Most photographs were taken in an official capacity by a university photographer. Images and programs in the collection span from 1938–1990s.

Pepperdine Yearbook Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

A complete and searchable digital collection of the Pepperdine University yearbook through its various incarnations as a bound publication (1939–2006). The yearbook began as The Promenade during the Pepperdine College years (1939–1970). Following a hiatus during the move to Malibu, the yearbook returned as iMprints (1973–1976), then Impressions (1977–2006), after which it was only released in digital form. The collection also includes Crest of a Golden Wave, a pictorial history of Pepperdine University from 1987.

Rose Parade Photo Album - Pepperdine University Libraries

As a part of Pepperdine University's 50th Anniversary celebrations in 1987, the university entered a float into the 98th Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. The theme of the float was "The Quest for Atlantis," a Classical theme reflecting Pepperdine's quest for academic excellence. This collection is based on a selection of photographs, both formal and candid, digitized from a photo album provided by Hung Le, one of the eight students chosen to ride on the float as representatives of Pepperdine.

Student Life Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

The Student Life digital collection comprises photographs, memorabilia, documents, scrapbooks, correspondence, and other materials donated to Pepperdine University Libraries by alumni of George Pepperdine College and Pepperdine University. The items in this collection, arranged by theme or donor, strive to capture the "Pepperdine experience" while providing a glimpse into the lives of the men and women that call Pepperdine their alma mater.

Terry and Susan Giboney Collection - Pepperdine University Libraries

This collection chronicles the life of Pepperdine alumni Terry Giboney ('61) and Susan Giboney ('62) during their time as Church of Christ missionaries in Omika, Japan, from 1963–1966.

Trancas Riders and Ropers - Pepperdine University Libraries

Founded in 1952, Trancas Riders and Ropers is an all-volunteer equestrian club and one of Malibu's oldest community organizations. Trancas Riders and Ropers (T.R.R.) provides equestrian activities for youth, local families, and underprivileged riders, ranging from education, horse shows, and community events to financial assistance for those in need. This collection compiles photographs, news clippings, audiovisual recordings, and other materials to tell the T.R.R story.