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About Pepperdine University Libraries

Resources for Faculty

Placing Materials on Reserve

Pepperdine libraries will place materials for Hard-Copy or Electronic Reserves (SIPX) at the initiative of faculty for the non-commercial, educational use of students.

The library maintains copyright compliance as stated in the U.S. Copyright Act, Section 107. Pepperdine libraries follow the Pepperdine copyright policy as stated on the Provost's webpage.

The beginning of the semester is our busiest time, and reserve processing can take longer. Please submit your materials before the semester begins to ensure that your material will be available in time for your first class.

Please allow at least 2 days for processing of materials Monday-Friday. Items needed for the weekend should be received by the prior Thursday.

A Course Reserves form MUST be submitted with your materials. This form (available online or at the information/checkout desk) is used for both Hard-Copy and Electronic Reserves (SIPX). 

Hard-Copy Reserves

Hard-copy materials, such as books, videos and DVDs, will be placed on shelves behind the Circulation desk and circulated within the library for specified periods of time. Please contact your library location if you have questions about placing materials on reserve.

Electronic Reserves

The Pepperdine University Libraries utilize a web-based service called SIPX to provide copyright compliant access to course materials for our students. SIPX allows faculty to request texts to be electronically put on reserve in the form of PDFs.  The material is primarily accessed via Courses’ Resources  section for your class; there is no special login beyond that used to access Courses.  Alternatively, SIPX can also create an individual course web page for classes that do not utilize Courses; there is unique login account required by a student to access the resources with this method.  Each class can access course reserve materials 24/7 and the materials are provided at no cost to the student. Please see below for information about what kinds of materials can be placed in the SIPX system. SIPX is password protected and can only be accessed by Pepperdine students.

Electronic Course Reserve Formats
Pepperdine University Libraries maintain copyright compliance as stated in the U.S. Copyright Act, Section 107. In keeping copyright compliant, the following guideline has been set: All photocopied material must include a title page, or source information.

Faculty may place the following items in SIPX. SIPX will check the license availability of materials requested and advise of any restrictions, terms and price. The costs of course materials put into SIPX and delivered to students are being paid for by the Library.

  • journal articles
  • book chapters
  • faculty-created materials, with appropriate documentation
  • student-created materials, with appropriate documentation
  • links to openly available material on other websites

Materials that cannot be placed in SIPX:

  • whole books or journal issues
  • multimedia items
  • faculty or student-created materials without appropriate documentation
  • faculty or student-created materials that contain copyrighted materials from other sources (e.g., images, charts, tables taken from other works)
  • items for which you are declaring Fair Use

Placing materials on electronic reserve in SIPX

Faculty have two different options to place course materials on electronic reserve in SIPX:

  • Submit hardcopies to the Circulation Desk where Library Staff will scan the document(s) and upload them to SIPX
  • E-mail electronic copies of document(s) to where Library Staff will download the documents and upload them to SIPX.  Please turn in the cleanest photocopies possible and also include a copy of the title page.

Faculty interested in placing materials on reserve should contact the following individuals at the different Pepperdine University library campuses:

Drescher Campus Library Lindsey Gant, Public Service Assistant
(310) 506-8566
Encino Graduate Campus Library Andrew Main, Circulation Supervisor
(310) 506-7374
Irvine Graduate Campus Library

Dillon Condon, Public Services Assistant
(949) 223-2520

Payson Library – Malibu Campus

Andrew Main, Circulation Supervisor
(310) 506-7374

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus Library

Butch San Jose, Library Assistant
(310) 568-5637

Westlake Village Graduate Campus Library Butch San Jose, Library Assistant
(310) 568-5637

Using SIPX with Courses (Sakai)

Faculty can link to their SIPX course page through Courses (Sakai), allowing students to view materials placed on reserve directly from Courses (Sakai). Faculty can choose to retrieve the SIPX link for their course themselves by logging into SIPX, or they may contact personnel listed above for assistance.

Add the SIPX link (as you would any web link) to Your Site Menu in Courses/Sakai using these general instructions

Add the SIPX link as a Resource in Courses/Sakai using these general instructions

Return of Reserve Materials at Semester's End

  • All personal material on Hard-Copy reserve will be returned to you for any course not taught the following semester.
  • All library materials will be returned to their original location.
  • SIPX pages are automatically archived and can be unarchived when needed.