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Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

installation view of the exhibition

In 2021, Pepperdine University was awarded a $10 million grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation to strengthen research and teaching methods in the field of Data Science. By broadening the curriculum with a data science minor and advancing research in critical areas of science, the University will equip students for new scientific and industry demands. As part of this grant, Pepperdine Libraries and faculty members have teamed up to present an exhibition in the Payson Library Exhibit Gallery and a series of talks and demonstrations on artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that creates and manages technology that can learn to perform complex tasks and make decisions. It is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to that of the natural world – decisions made by animals and humans. AI is revolutionizing our daily lives and could play a fundamental role to build a better future for all of humanity. This exhibition seeks to inform viewers of the history of AI, the current applications of AI, and the future possibilities that AI presents. The timing coincides with Pepperdine's launch of its new data science minor at Seaver College

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