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portrait of Kristin

Kristin Hronek Acquires the Resources You Need for Teaching, Learning, and Research

Meet this month’s featured staff member, library acquisitions supervisor Kristin Hronek. Kristin joined the Pepperdine Libraries team at the end of the 2022 spring term, coming from her alma mater CSU Channel Islands where she worked in the Registrar's Office for more than a decade as an academic records evaluation specialist. At CSUCI, she helped students navigate graduation requirements, evaluated transfer coursework, and advised military-connected students on their federal education benefits. Kristin also holds an MLIS degree from San Jose State University, and when we chatted for this interview, she explained she chose Pepperdine to both continue her work in higher education but also pivot to a career in librarianship.

portrait of Lily Ramirez

Public Services Assistant Liliana Ramirez Talks West LA and Its New iLab

Liliana Ramirez began her role as public services assistant at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus Library in August 2023 after earning her bachelor's in sociology from Occidental College. Occidental was her entryway into the library world: there, she served as a cataloging assistant for two years at its Mary Clapp Library. Her experiences were so positive it inspired her to apply for her current position at Pepperdine Libraries, and she is even considering pursuing a master's in library sciences. We sat down with Lily to learn about her role and what's new at West LA.

stack of historic photos

Preserving History for Future Generations

If you've spent any time in Payson Library, you're probably at least somewhat familiar with our Boone Special Collections and University Archives. You may have walked by the Reading Room and witnessed a researcher going through an archival box full of documents and photographs. Perhaps you strolled by the Seminar Room and saw a librarian teaching a class in the presence of centuries-old manuscripts. Or, you glanced into the Processing Room and saw student employees sorting through letters and typing information into a computer. But what is going on behind the scenes? Learn about what Pepperdine Libraries is doing to ensure the preservation of history for generations to come.

portrait of Lorene Duffy

Public Services Supervisor Lorene Duffy Shares Her Love of Working at Drescher

This month's featured staff member, Lorene Duffy, began her role as public services supervisor at Drescher Graduate Campus Library in August 2022. As luck would have it, the position opened up not long after her husband, Chad Duffy, accepted a faculty position at Seaver College. The fact that both were hired from outside the state confirmed that the move from Ohio to California was not only feasible, but was, in Lorene's own words, "meant to be." Director of library program and public affairs Jeffrey Bowen took the campus shuttle up to Drescher to find out from Lorene more about her work for Pepperdine Libraries.

book covers

Libraries' Larry Donnell Kimmons Memorial Book Collection Preserves Rare Books by Notable Black Authors

The Larry Donnell Kimmons Memorial Book Collection is devoted to the memory of Larry Kimmons, who on March 12, 1969, was tragically shot and killed by a security guard on the George Pepperdine College campus. Each year since 2019, a volume has been added to the Pepperdine Special Collections in memory of Larry Kimmons, and in conjunction with the Larry Kimmons Memorial Lecture Series hosted by Pepperdine. The collection consists of limited edition and rare printings of notable works by Black writers and poets, which through the Libraries' Boone Special Collections and Archives, are available to students, faculty, and staff. To date, there are four books in the collection, and a fifth one will be dedicated in March 2024.

portrait of Sally Bryant

Librarian Sally Bryant Celebrates 20 Years at Pepperdine

Sally Bryant, associate university librarian for public services and instruction, just hit the 20-year mark of working for Pepperdine Libraries, so she was a natural choice for this month’s featured profile. She began her career right after earning her MLIS degree from San Jose State University, first working in the Drescher Graduate Campus Library before moving up the ranks, including head of access services, and now her current role, which she started two years ago. Director of library programming and public affairs Jeffrey Bowen sat down with Sally to learn more about the department she heads.

two images of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Religious Iconography in Johnny Quintanilla’s Art

Last month, Pepperdine Libraries opened its exhibition of Johnny Quintanilla's paintings and drawings in the Payson Library Exhibit Gallery. His works are full of symbolism, and even though he likes when viewers form their own meanings about the works, for him they’re deeply personal. His identity as a Salvadoran American who celebrates Los Angeles’ Latino heritage is evident in his work. Director of library programming and public affairs Jeffrey Bowen examined the religious iconography in Quintanilla's art, particularly in his depictions of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

portrait of Kassidy Shreck

Visiting Payson Late at Night? Alumna Kassidy Shreck (‘20) Is Your Go-To Person

This month’s featured library employee is Kassidy Shreck, Payson Library public services evening supervisor. Kassidy began working for Pepperdine Libraries at the start of the academic year, but she was certainly no stranger to Payson Library or the University. She attended Seaver College until she graduated in May 2020, majoring in English literature and minoring in social work. During her time as an undergraduate, she was a student employee at Payson. We sat down with Kassidy to learn more about her position at Pepperdine.

project team and interviewees

Pepperdine Libraries Celebrates Preserving the History of South Los Angeles Project at December 7 Luncheon

Pepperdine Libraries officially launched Preserving the History of South Los Angeles, an initiative made possible in part with support from the California Humanities Council, designed to collect, preserve and make available oral histories drawn from members of the South Los Angeles community

portrait of library ambassadors

Meet the International Programs Library Ambassadors

Pepperdine Libraries has a long history of employing students to provide services to the university community. The Libraries are tremendously grateful for the collective contributions our students have made over the years to support student learning at our campus locations around Los Angeles and throughout the world. The International Programs Library Ambassadors are responsible for communicating with the students, faculty, and staff at the international campus to make them aware of library resources related to their coursework and research.